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One theory says the islands are named for the Polynesian navigator who discovered the islands, Hawai’iloa.

Another says that the islands are named for Hawaiki; also known as the Origin Place, the realm of the gods and goddesses and the afterlife of the Polynesian people.

The island of Hawai'i comprises over half of the area of the state of Hawaii in the United States of America.

By 1810, he created the sovereign nation of the Kingdom of Hawaii and forged alliances with Pacific colonial powers in order to maintain Hawaii’s independence.Layers are recommended, including long pants and sturdy boots for any activities away from the beach.Travelers who plan their trip from October through April may experience more precipitation, but the resorts located on the leeward side (western side) of the island, away from the trade winds, tend to be drier.There’s no exact count of how many wives or children Kamehameha had, different accounts list the number as anywhere between 21 and 30 who ultimately bore him approximately 35 children.In the second half of the 19th century the Hawaiian population was decimated by Western diseases.

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