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To fully automate Windows 10 installation, to create install media for a “hands free” Boot & Forget installation, we need to prepare so called answer files for both Windows Setup (phase 1) and Windows Welcome (OOBE, phase 3).

Read on Microsoft Docs, an old but still valid article to explain what answer files are and what they do.

Select Microsoft-Windows-International-Core-Win PE on Answer File pane, edit properties as preferred on Properties pane top right.Note that this will take some time, on my ancient Asus i5 laptop it takes around 15 minutes, on a bit younger HP laptop almost 10 minutes.If using WADK / WSIM Insider Preview, notice that a minor bug might cause you seeing this: The catalog file was created, whatever the error message says.Right-click Create Partitions, then select Insert New Create Partition: Repeat this step to create four partitions for GPT / UEFI install media or two partitions for MBR / BIOS install media. To tell Windows Setup what each partition is and how it should be setup and formatted, we must add Modify Partition to each partition added above.Right click Modify Partitions in the Answer File pane and select Insert New Modify Partition: Repeat this step until you have one Modify Partition for each Create Partition.

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