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I have a saying that says, “The devil usually wins in the music business.” What I mean by that is when I got in my trial and all of the negativity was coming, it takes strong-minded individuals to be able to stand it and stay through everything. All of the leeches and other people, who had no part of your success, come in and they start filling your head up. thing is bringing you down, you’re bigger than everybody over there.” When really, these are the people that were 90% of the reason you’re successful.

Irv Gotti: I have an interesting philosophy with the music business.

Irv Gotti: No, “Uh Oh” was always just a record that we put out. There are different records, like “Father Forgive Me,” “Body,” “Judas,” “Love is Pain,” these are records that are yet to be seen that we are going to unleash. Do you think that’s the biggest track on the album? The state of the music business that we’re in is I don’t give a fuck who you are. Celebrities and stars have it worse off than the new acts. Lo, it’s probably 100 grand just to take a picture with her. Right Irv Gotti: So it’s harder on the more established acts. Because the more established acts have made and generated money. Look at “Ay Bay Bay.” That was the biggest song in the fucking country and he did 20-fucking-thousand units. The Internet has totally taken the music business and stuck a big fat dick in its ass and now it’s fucked it. I know he’s sitting back like “What the fuck is going on? [] You said that the label execs will tap them on their ass and tell them to break and be like “Listen, get up out of here”…

Irv Gotti: For us to pull off the miracle that everyone thinks we can’t pull off, which is getting Ja to sell a bunch of records, I think we have to be creative and different. Something like “Eleanor Rigby” and Ja doing it over. Irv Gotti: You know what’s funny with that…Look at J. If you drop the ball, that president is slapping you in the ass and going “Yo, you can get the fuck out of here.” Shit is rough right now. So how am I taking a picture with her for 100 grand, and she’s moving 50 thousand units the first week? If they’re making and generating money, they’re not going for the okie-doke like the new acts. They’re going into the fucking label and they are going to say, “I want my money! ” the label is going to say, “All right, you better fucking sell some records.” And the minute they don’t sell any records, they’re going to kick their ass right up out of there. It does pertain to Ja, but what I’m saying is that it pertains to everybody in the business now. Now we’re trying to wiggle it out our asses and get that fucking shit up out of our ass and it’s tough.

Fuck you, do it again.” And if you didn’t do it again, “You corny, you’re wack.” “You’re a has-been. you know how people think of Lyor Cohen, Jimmy Iovine, L.

It was kind of strained because she wasn’t as loyal as she could be when you were going through the trial, is that how you feel still? “Wow, great album, do it again.” “Oh my goodness, what a year, next year? Irv Gotti: I want the success that I had with Rule and Ashanti 100 percent, and ultimately I want ? my ultimate goal is to get that kind of love and respect, and do it over the course of so many years that my peers know that he gets busy and that’s a music guy. You know who’s calling me every week about the show?

And me knowing these three are the most unique and the hottest rappers that I know, when they were all coming up.

And he sat down with us to build on the new show, the current status of Murder Inc, the rumors behind Ashanti and Irv’s sexual relationship, and how he feels the Internet has fucked the music industry. Irv Gotti: He approached me and at first I was reluctant to do it. But then he said this wouldn’t be like or any other reality show. And after we shot the pilot, I saw his vision and was like “Alright, let’s do it.” A major theme present in the show is that cheating broke up your marriage… In the beginning, did you think that Ja could successfully go back at him?

Irv Gotti: [] Well, there are two parts of the show and it’s the tale of two families: the music family, me with my artists and my company and trying to get us back to dominance, and then my family at home and the uniqueness of that family. You’re pretty open to keeping it real on the show, but at one point, you kicked the camera crew out of the room because it got so personal. Irv Gotti: It was me and Deb having talks with Sonny about me and her getting a divorce. The combination of a lot of things that just hit us all at one time. Irv Gotti: Well he was the newest rapper and the hottest rapper, and it’s hard to go against that.

Are you worried about the effect that your cheating might have on your sons when they go back and watch the show? I was basically like, “You’re going to have to get the fuck out of here.” I didn’t want the show to be that ? I was facing 20 years; when you’re facing 20 years, you have to worry about getting everything back. I know about when you’re the new rapper on the rise. Because it’s all over the Internet that they’re about to drop J. Forget music, she’s one of the biggest stars in the world. Ja’s kind of like your brother in a sense, but you are almost like his boss.

Irv Gotti: Anything that they’re seeing is nothing that they don’t know already. So I got everything back, and now this is the whole process of getting me back rolling. How did you convey to your artists that everything would be straight? It’s like you can do no wrong for like two or three years. If he doesn’t like me because of that, it really doesn’t fucking matter. Recently Ja’s got pushed back, what was the main reason for that? We have a lot of samples that’s great with great songs, but as you know with some samples it’s like five or six writers on it. There’s an opera sample on there that’s a huge record that we want to be on the album. But we’re still working and we’re still pushing forward, and as soon as we get everything situated the album’s coming out. Is that how you feel with him, or could you never do that to him?

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