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From photo sharing (photos can be made blurry or only shared using a private key), to calling customer service (reps pick up the phone with a generic greeting), to billing (receipts don’t mention Ashley Madison), every part of the website has been designed to take the stress out of online cheating.Some of Ashley Madison is still a work in progress.The user interface looks like it was built in 2005, with generic clip-art and functional-looking text boxes.The site is also incredibly gender rigid and hetero-centric, something Buell admits and said he is working to address.“We talk and we don’t have any secrets.”There is some irony in women like Frankie needing to operate in secrecy to be able to speak openly about their needs.

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“We had to end it.” But the experience awoke something in her. After briefly trying, she settled on Ashley Madison, “a site for people just like me.” She created an account in 2016 and soon met several “terrific” guys: “smart, funny, good writers, respectful.”She started dating one of them regularly and felt liberated by how easy it was.“If somebody were to look me up to see if I was on there I’d be pretty honest about it.”Amy speaks candidly about her views on monogamy, which she doesn’t think is a prerequisite for marriage.“I think people like sex, I think sex is healthy,” she said.She interviewed dozens of Ashley Madison users for her 2017 book, , and found that the majority were “cheating to stay.” Like Lindsey, they weren’t looking for a new partner, just looking to outsource their sexual pleasure.Walker kept in touch with her sources for the book.

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