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Traffickers cycled women in and out of parlors every 10 or 20 days, Sheriff Snyder estimated.Yet making a trafficking case remains difficult, in part because the women who were victims may not want to cooperate with the police.

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The highway has been associated with other organized crime like gun trafficking.According to Polaris, authorities too often focus on the workers -- who in many cases are stuck in a vicious, sometimes violent, human ring -- rather than the business owners."We have noticed through media reports that New Jersey has lots of arrests and they approach parlors via undercover," said Rochelle Keyhan, strategic initiative director at Polaris and main author of the report."There's no actual reduction of trafficking in that approach."These parlors are hiding in plain sight, Keyhan said.The state Attorney General's Office has made human trafficking a top priority in recent years, holding annual awareness events and launching a widespread advocacy advertising campaign. — Something was amiss at a massage parlor near one of the wealthiest barrier islands in Florida.

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