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My father was a american soldier stationed in Germany in the early 1970's.

Mount told the jury he also believed that Miss Stankovich, who is known as Lil, used their daughter, Ellie, now aged two, as a "weapon" against him.A former student of the Community College, Whitstable, Mr Beaney died from a single stab wound through his heart in May.It is alleged that Mount bore a grudge against Mr Beaney because he was dating his ex-girlfriend, Alicia Stankovich, 20.Asked how Mr Beaney reacted, Mount replied: "He shouted: 'Knife', turned and ran towards the Market Inn."I started to chase after him, still holding the knife in my hand.He was running away quite quickly."Mount said Mr Beaney then slipped, stood back up and carried on running. I just turned and put the knife back into my waistband.

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