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Every day, more than one and a half million people spend on these portals for 4 hours or more.

At the same time, men and women on sites are roughly equally divided.

With confidence it can be said only the one thing: the popularity of Russian Mail Order Bride dating sites is growing day by day.

The explanation for this is simple: this way you can communicate with people from Russia and in general from any country, any age and status, which means you can increase your chance to find Russian wife with similar interests and tastes.

Conventionally, because on some sites, not all services are provided free of charge.

On the one hand, on dating sites found themselves closed and shy people who find it difficult to make contact with strangers in the real world.Volunteers who helped a scientist evaluate the effectiveness of online dating were made by young people aged 19 to 26 who were ready for serious relationship.Their task was to register on a dating site in order to find a partner.But it is worth bearing in mind that there are also a lot of scammers and swindlers on such sites.Calculate them all is unrealistic, despite the serious efforts of the administration sites.

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