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It has been estimated that over 5 million of these "trade instruments" were made during this time period.

The only way to know the value of your instrument is to have it seen in person at a violin shop or an appraiser associated with a musical instrument auction house.

Those that I have included have some dates, but I won't be putting end dates.They were primarily assembly line constructed instruments where one worker may have made tops and , and so forth. This is no different from the quality of today's trade instruments, some are very nice and others are .Some of these workshops also produced un-varnished instruments that were sold to violin makers and shops to produce a specific look. The vast majority of Trade Instruments were simply labeled with a facsimile (copied) label of a famous maker like Stradivari, Amati, Guarneri and many others.Just search in this directory and you will find at least several Paris escorts that will be good enough for what you desire.Violin Trade Names and Trade Instruments - some of these instruments are named after the sellers, but the vast majority are completely made up names, with no maker of instruments ever having had those names.

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