Cacti spine not updating rrd

Various levels of log verbosity and detail settings allow you to choose exactly which events Cacti should store in its log making it easier to spot problems when they occur.Upgrade Notes (Windows update instructions go here) Separate Cactid Distribution For security and maintainence reasons, cactid will now be distributed separately from the main Cacti distribution.

This plugin boost's Cacti performance especially for Large Sites.

Lastly, it allows the RRDfiles to be updated on-demand in order to maintain the traditional behavior of Cacti.

Before enabling boost, please consider very carefully how you plan to use it long term.

Users that rely on Cacti's bandwidth summation and 95th percentile features will appreciate the added ability to calculate a sum or 95th percentile over an arbitrary timespan.

Several Tree-Related Features including the ability to auto-sort any branch or tree itself and the ability to group any host item by data query index rather than graph template.

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