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We prepared the full report and history for across the most popular social networks.Cbsdatingshow has a poor activity level in Twitter with only 48 mentions.It’s nice to finally have such a high-quality, highly entertaining CBS summer reality show that it’s easy to fall in love with—and, apparently, fall in love on.which just debuted in its regular Sunday time slot two days ago (after a preview on Thursday, July 26).During the family visits on Tuesday night, Zac’s mom told him, “We never expected you to connect with someone as great you did.” Zac said, “I didn’t either.”Neither did I.Yet that was one of Love Island’s many surprises: these relationships seemed genuine, neither performative for cameras nor the product of any kind of manipulative producing or editing.I know this won’t happen, in part because CBS has no incentive to change Big Brother, which gets double the ratings of Love Island despite being so unbearably shitty and cynical.But I am content with CBS acknowledging both Love Island’s quality and its value to the network by bringing it back next summer.

The final two each selected an envelope; one had the prize, one didn’t.But even without that, I enjoyed the actual finale, though not as thoroughly as I enjoyed this entire first season of the CBS version of the UK hit.Matthew Hoffman’s narration—still the highlight of Love Island for me—was strong at the start of the episode (“What happens in the villa, stays in the villa—and our back-up drives, forever,” he said after a PG-montage of sexual activity).Zac’s mom is already trying to get them married, though at least Elizabeth’s mom was like HOLD ON WOMAN.After all, they’ve known each other for less time than it takes to fly to Fiji and back (I’m exaggerating only slightly).

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