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Overall responsibility for discipline within school rests with the Principal subject to the authority of the VEC.

The Code of Behaviour was developed in consultation with the partners and will be reviewed at regular intervals. It begins with a series of Statements of Expectation which identifies the behaviours expected and the reasons for them.

Students returning from suspension will be placed “On Report” for a minimum of one week.

Student and parent may be asked to sign a good behaviour contract.

We place greater emphasis on rewards than on sanctions in the belief that this will, in the long run, give best results.

The rules are kept to the minimum and framed in a positive manner.

These strategies are as follows: General Personal Devices Students using their own technology in school, such as leaving a mobile phone turned on or using it in class, sending nuisance text messages, or the unauthorized taking of images with a mobile phone camera, still or moving is in direct breach of the school’s acceptable use policy.

Legislation The school will provide information on the following legislation relating to use of the Internet which teachers, students and parents should familiarise themselves with: Support Structures The school will inform students and parents of key support structures and organisations that deal with illegal material or harmful use of the Internet.

The student remains excluded/suspended until after the investigation and discussion with parent/guardian.

Therefore, if the school AUP is not adhered to this privilege will be withdrawn and appropriate sanctions – as outlined in the AUP – will be imposed.

It is envisaged that school and parent representatives will revise the AUP annually.

Code of Behaviour In devising this Code, consideration has been given to the particular needs and circumstances of this school.

The aim is to provide a framework for reasonable and responsible behaviour by all concerned, staff, parents and students alike in keeping with our stated beliefs in our Mission Statement.

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