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He wasn’t close to his older sister, Marlene, and his parents separated when he was young.

His dad, Charles, was an optometrist who lived nearby and was married five times; his mom, Patricia – Colin likes to mention that she’s British – was divorced three times.

Oddly (not really), the retirement-friendly Gulf Coast city proved significantly less exciting than Sin City. “You can see the wheels turning.” Cowherd and I took a brisk walk to Starbucks, which is a 3-pointer away from his studio.

“I was bored out of my mind,” said Cowherd, who, because of his thirst to stay busy, quickly snagged a job hosting a morning radio show. You’d think it would be awkward to walk past former NFL players Kordell Stewart and Jerry Rice in the corn maize that are the halls of ESPN, but it isn’t.

We walked into basketball games and people were running up to him to shake his hand. and he wasn’t beating me in Portland.” I sat in on a pre-show meeting last week.

His strong opinions on the show led to a local radio gig and he was juggling three jobs a week.

The UNLV Runnin’ Rebels were one of the best basketball programs in the country in the late 80s, and they would win a title in 1990 and nearly go undefeated in 1991. On this morning, the trio batted around topics such as Le Bron getting booed in Miami in the first half against San Antonio, Tim Tebow playing through injury against the Patriots, Ed Reed’s comments about his QB, Joe Flacco, and the merits of Orlando as a city for impending free agent Dwight Howard. He’ll lock eyes with someone and stay that way, usually until a break or change of topics.

The brash, cocky team attracted national attention, and everyone (well, except the NCAA) loved its colorful coach, the seemingly shady Jerry Tarkianan. not everybody just toes the company line …” His eyes darted to David Scott, the blogger-cum-ESPN-PR-rep who spent the entire day with us. I was going to be better in the South and the West because of college football. Prepping for the show, Cowherd is a live wire, zipping around topics, dropping opinions unrelated to any of the potential segments they’re talking about – “I would so bail on Peyton” – and sprinkling in random tales (texting with Aaron Boone about USC football recruiting minutiae) or obscure questions (What do you think of Michael Crabtree? His demanding gaze can be unsettling to the recipient, but it works for Cowherd because he pretends he’s conversing with someone.

* “Rob Lowe said Peyton Manning is retiring, and Twitter is melting down,” proclaimed Michelle Beadle as Cowherd walked onto the busy set of his daily ESPN2 television show, Sports Nation, last week.

Beadle, a genial blonde with a rapier wit, has been Cowherd’s co-host of the show since its debut in 2009.

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