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You might forget to eat breakfast or lock the front door, but rest assured the litter box(es) are sparkling clean every day.

This attention to detail (and resulting lack of details in other areas) just add to the stereotype. As our own vet has reported, even she doesn’t want to perform this operation.

I put it in his wet food and he has more energy, no more throwing up or runs, and gained weight!

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Bonus points in crazy cat lady land if you spend money buying each of your cats separate towers and gifts.

So mom didn’t get that blender, and your nephew had to settle for a magnet instead of the new Xbox game he wanted.

But that’s okay since your kitty received the most expensive cat tree known to man.

If they look like they want to hurl a hairball, you’re out of there.

Whether it’s your Facebook page, Twitter profile or even your Linked In business page, good ol’ fluffy is front and center.

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