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I slowly allowed myself to trust him, and consequently have fallen head over heels. I know it seems daft if I was only seeing him for 3 months but having finally let my guard down with someone I totally trusted and loved being with, it's hit me really hard. Thank you x I think all you can do is give him space, can you be friends for now?? But yes when he's ready he can and will move on...- does he have dc's?Does this mean you will take on a role of step mum/mum.I didn't consider this too much at the time but I did indeed become a full time mother to his ds (who was 3 when I met him).

However I think that was more to do with being busy working and bringing up young teenagers.

I think, but am prepared to be told I am wrong, that it may be easier for him to move on and continue the relationship with you as he has no children from his marriage. I don't know if it's as much to do with the children but the long illness.

Illness changes the dynamics of your relationship almost to parent/child status. I think in a situation where somebody has lived with a sick partner for a long time a lot of their grieving is done even before death.

I would be inclined to give him some space and let him come round in his own time.

You have offered gentle support and hopefully he will respond to that.

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