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As a result, we found Gändegmaa, or Gundia, under Canadian leadership.After extensive interviews on Skype, we realized that it would be difficult to find another candidate with such perfect English and we offered her this collaboration immediately.Twelve months later, she returned to Mongolia to do something for the women of her country.She worked as a project manager on a project for Mongolian youth that included fifteen aimaks and 15,000 young people.With increased access to information, the need for information management is increasing.Given that technologies link Mongols in various sectors of society, it is clear that education and training of young people will be necessary, in line with the strength and importance of the digital world.The Mongolian digital landscape is developing at an accelerated pace.

As a late night student, she learned English vocabulary and grammar.

It was a large-scale study, which resulted in a fairly objective picture of what is happening in the country today and especially in ordinary Mongolian families, in Mongolian gender relations, in society.

Augusta Thomson is a blogger with a bachelor's degree in archaeology and anthropology from Oxford University, currently a Fulbright Fellow in Ladakh, India.

When we enter the tent, she sits down and prepares a remarkable pot of milk tea.

While she recounts, her two daughters play games on their smartphones, sometimes stopping to listen to their mother talk.

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