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The doubts started when I bragged to my pal Adam about my debut as a pickup artist. " Rachel—not her real name, by the way—didn't just live in Bushwick, the neighborhood that, as the locale of choice for Brooklyn's young, artsy, and penniless, is ground zero for New York's burgeoning bedbug epidemic; she also happened to rent an airless cubbyhole in one of the converted-warehouse loft buildings whose low rents and high-turnover rate make them a haven for parasites of all sorts—especially human couch surfers and the bloodsucking that feeds on them."You're not actually going to go out with a girl who lives in Bushwick, are you? That's not even the worst of it: In the course of getting to know each other, Rachel told me that to supplement her bohemian income she sometimes picked up discarded books and other items off the sidewalk and brought them home to sell at flea markets later.Make a point to check out his arms, face, backs of hands, and neck. Also, look at the electrical outlets and light-switch plates for a lovely black-and-brown combo (fecal matter).

The kinds of sexually transmitted diseases that still hang with about one in five Americans, but whose stigma has oddly abated.

New York (CNN) -- You have heard of the seven-year itch in marriage.

Now, the itch caused by bedbugs is causing relationships to come under even more pressure.

"I went criminally insane and thus got no action whatsoever during that valley in my life," she recalls.

"But now I deny that I've ever had them, particularly to anyone I'm interested in."And while some men might call it deception, the ladies may simply be evening out the scales.

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