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Now based in Jordan, she collects information about the situation from Syrian colleagues and the Internet.

"To our knowledge, the German Archeological Institute excavation sites have not been affected by looting, but a massive destruction of Syria's cultural heritage is definitely taking place," she told DW in an email interview.

Even though such agreements are easily forgotten in the heat of a conflict, in this case, both the government and the rebels have shown openness when it comes to preventing the disappearance of their cultural treasures.

The Director General of Antiquities and Museums, Maamoun Abdulkarim, who cooperates with UNESCO and provides regular reports on the situation, has "called for a neutral action required for the sake of culture and requested politically neutral support," as stated in a report addressing the issue of illicit trafficking in Syria.

With the uncertainty surrounding the international community's involvement in the Syrian war and the unbearable number of casualties caused by the conflict, discussing material losses may seem like a lesser priority.

But the rich cultural heritage being destroyed in the country is nevertheless important to the whole of humanity.

Indeed, major archeological sites in Syria have been ransacked.It is also impracticable to provide constant surveillance for all of the 10,000 archaeological sites in the country.Worthwhile drops in the ocean Other UNESCO actions involve identifying the artifacts which could be circulating on the black market and collaborating with different international partners, including INTERPOL and the police and custom services of neighboring countries.Historical Aleppo is one of Syria's six UNESCO World Heritage sites.Others include the old cities of Damascus and Bosra, ancient villages of Northern Syria, the Crusade-period castle Crac des Chevaliers, and the fortifications of Qal'at Salah El-Din, as well as the monumental ruins in the oasis of Palmyra.

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