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Mariah Carey has split from her fiancé—reportedly over her extravagant spending.But perhaps billionaire Aussie businessman James Packer should have realized that dating a superstar was always going to be tough.“The thing about celebrities is that they are really, really good at making whoever they are talking to at that exact instant feel sooo special,” says a London publicist who has been in the business for decades.In the spirit of that, we present to you 20 Stars Whose Non-Famous Spouses Are More Stunning Than Any Celeb.Think you're only going to a music festival to dance? At least, that's what happened to Aaron Paul when he met his wife, Kind Campaign co-founder Lauren Parsekian, at Coachella.That same night, he told her he was going to marry her.

If you want to date Tom Cruise, for example—or indeed be his kid—you have to drink the Scientology Kool-Aid.There’s a rich seam of fiction about the problems of mismatched celebrity love affairs—indeed Dick Diver’s affair with actress Rosemary Hoyt is a key plot point in the unravelling of F.Scott Fitzgerald’s last completed novel, Tender is The Night.Packer has been citing her “excessive spending” as the cause of the break-up to friends.To be fair, Carey, who is estimated to be worth a half-billion dollars herself, has legendary spending patterns.

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