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Then why the hell did I watch a Let's Play of "Amnesia: The Dark Descent"? I already watched Haunting Ground (technically not scary, but...yeah). A super simple, "Choose your adventure" one on You Tube, but a game... It's technically pretty easy to do, but time consuming if you don't want to make a piece of crap, so maybe one day, after I'm done with this project and if I'm extremely bored, I'll make something similar in flash using not-copyrighted artwork (::coughs::). Especially for OLDER girls (not hentai, you pervs; look up: otome games) since it's awkward to date guys that're in their 15-17's when I'm 20. :3 Greetings Guywholikeshalloween Here's the dude behind the Legend of Pliskin series~ It changed a lot over time. XD As I've said, I don't play scary games; Not fond of being startled and I get easily scared too.

I like watching other people play scary games instead of playing them myself, 'cause I'm a cowardly dork, yet like being scared when occasion calls, a la "It's Halloween month! This guy made it less scary for me with his silly-when-appropriate moments (instead of yammering during cutscenes and being annoying), but I can bear silent Let's Plays too (does that technically make them walkthroughs). Side informatin : Longest post i've ever made on Newgrounds. Kings Quest series Space Quest series Monkey Island series I've heard good things about the old Lucasarts point and click adventure games, but I've never played them myself.

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Here are some animation previews coming in a future build of Our Apartment, please check out our previous post about visual upgrades!

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We've selected the sexiest adult RPG games for hours of exciting 18 gameplay and dating simulator games that might make you blush. Some of these games are simple meet and fuck games where you pick up the hottest girls in town and try to seduce and get them in your bed.

I already played a bunch here on NG (like Alice is Dead, Legend of Pliskin, A Small Favor, Foreign Creatures, Reincarnation), but I just can't get enough of them! If I were to make a dating sim, the guys would have to actually be interesting to look at instead of bling'd out clones with the same face and body types. I tend to do lots of mini-tests before applying them to bigger projects and this project is like a compilation of lots of smaller skills to practice doing bigger projects. I actually toyed with my project having a point and click portion since...

Like, the horror ones where things pop out at me and scream while I'm deeply concentrating on clicking everywhere on the screen. I actually haven't watched the Silent Hill or Clocktower games, so maybe I'll start there. Semi-scary to me, but not really since it's not a survival horror and I can shoot the scary things and set them on fire. It's also awkward to date guys in the right age range, but look really underraged because of the anime art style. Still working on it, but for this current project, all the art is already done, the dialogue is already all scripted, and understanding how to put THIS project together will help make the Bioshock project easier to do (this project is mainly Photoshop Sony Vegas), especially the multi-path concept.

If it takes some animators forever to do a frame-by-frame animation, it'll take me forever and an ever for me to do anything remotely bearable since I just learned how to animate during the summer. )) Halloween is the best time of year, btw - wait, look at my name, ...

If you were interested by the 'Amnesia: Dark Descent' Let's Play, I think you may want to check out 'Penumbra: Overture'.

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