Dating hamster wheel of despair

While I agree that maybe I’ve gone overboard online dating, I don’t know how to reconcile wanting a relationship with not taking active steps to pursue one.

I was in your shoes — and because none of my dates worked out, I almost closed off the possibility that one of them would. I figured that if I was doing something wrong, I’d find out what.

Please get off the Dating Hamster Wheel of Despair (DHWD)* and free yourself to enjoy that wonderful life without the man-man-mandate. This is the greatest challenge we all face, reconciling ourselves to the absences or disappointments that aren’t entirely in our control.

And you don’t feel good about it — two good reasons.

LW – Letter writer MIL – Mother-in-law MOB – Mother of the bride MOH – Maid of honor Nuts – Also Nutterati.

Short for Peanuts or Peanut gallery, as in, all of us dedicated readers who chime in with input.

And in the past three years, I’ve been out with close to a hundred online dates, none of whom I’ve really clicked with. Tend to your relationship with yourself, since that’s all anyone is guaranteed, and go out of your way to create new opportunities occasionally, when it sounds like a fun thing to do.

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Is there a phrase you weren’t clear on that should be added?Death chair – This one is from a holiday story about a family whose holiday table includes an unlucky “death chair” and is another phrase that just stuck. DH – Dear husband (One chatter adds: “DH can also stand for d-mned husband, depending on the circumstances.”) DIL – Daughter-in-law FIL – Father-in-law Gaslighting – From the 1944 movie ‘Gaslight,’ about a wife tricked into doubting herself on such basic things that she just defers to her controlling husband. Think about what not-so-nice word glassbowl rhymes with.Hamster Wheel of Despair – Also Dating Hamster Wheel of Despair or DHWD.Leave additional thoughts and suggestions in the comments. I don’t meet people in real life, despite all my best efforts (see above). If at some point, you find yourself wanting to go on a date with someone, then go — because then you’ll want the date for its own sake vs. And I think it might help you with “not taking active steps” if you accept that a relationship (among many other things) isn’t entirely yours to bring about.

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