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habesos or habesa in the ancient tongue of Lycia, antiphellos (phellos = rock) was the name of kas and one of the oldest settlements in the region of lycia.the rock-cut tombs to the north-east of the town, dating to the 4th century this case we reserve the right to cancel the order.

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goods or services can then be provided only if payment is made either in advance or on delivery.

Second, the Court of First Instance infringed the general principles of Community law, in particular the principle of the presumption of innocence and the principle that reasons must be given, by stating in its judgment (i) that the period prior to notification of the statement of objections - and thus also the period between dispatch of the warning letter of 16 September 1991 and the statement of objections - had to be left out of consideration in the assessment of the reasonableness of the period, Zweitens habe das Gericht gegen allgemeine Grundstze des Gemeinschaftsrechts, insbesondere gegen den Grundsatz der Unschuldsvermutung und das Begrndungsgebot verstoen, indem es in dem Urteil ausfhre, dass (i) der Zeitraum vor der Mitteilung der Beschwerdepunkte - und damit auch der Zeitraum zwischen der bersendung des Mahnschreibens vom 16.

September 1991 und der Beschwerdepunkte - bei der Frage der angemessenen Verfahrensdauer unbercksichtigt bleiben mssethat, in addition to Rhaeto-Latin documents from the early middle ages, two Romansh documents have survived that are several decades older than Bifrun's catechism (1552) and obviously older too than Travers' "Chanzun dalla guerra dagl chiaste da Ms" (1527).

by creating a sufficient lien, at our option, either on real property in the ownership of the purchaser, on items of tangible fixed assets, on investments held by the purchaser in third-party companies, on items of inventories, on bank balances with domestic credit institutions as well as on unconditional claims under contractual deliveries and services provided to customers with impeccable creditworthiness, in each case to the extent of the due purchase price claim.

Forderung durch Bestellung eines ausreichenden Pfandrechts nach unserer Wahl entweder an einer dem Kufer gehrigen Liegenschaft, an Gegenstnden des Sachanlagevermgens, an vom Kufer gehaltenen Beteiligungen an dritten Unternehmungen, an Gegenstnden des Warenvorrats, an Bankguthaben bei inlndischen Kreditinstituten, sowie an unbedingten Forderungen aus vertragsmig durchgefhrten Lieferungen und Leistungen an bonittsmig einwandfreie Kunden, jeweils bis zum Ausma der flligen Kaufpreisforderung, the definition of the German palaeographers) which only provides the indication of the month and the indiction, thus suggesting different datings during the long reign of John II Conmenus (1118-1143).

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