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What little we know is that scarves were documented to be in use on two occasions historically in different civilizations.Interestingly enough, apart from simply knowing the dates, there is no knowledge of scarves being used in earlier or later periods at all.However, what matters is that from 1650 onwards, scarves, jabots, and bow ties appeared with consistent regularity as a badge of nobility.

So more than 300 years before Trajan’s legionaries wore scarves the Chinese had already used neckwear and, therefore, we know the Romans were not the first ones to wear a scarf.Legend has it that the scarf as we know it today was introduced by the Romans based on the Column of Trajan, which can be found close to the Piazza Venezia in Rome.The column was erected by Marcus Ulpius Traianus in the year 113 AD, and it features a scarf that was called a “focal,” which is unusual.In 1974, the ancient tomb of Qin Shi Huang was discovered.He was the 1st Emperor of China that died 210 BC and was buried in spectacular fashion.

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