Dating on earth movie

Not if Alex and her trusty Epilady have anything to do with it.

Sometimes all it takes is an apocalyptic catastrophe to help you find your true love.

Besides Sparks standards like a small town, disapproving parents, class issues, disease, and death, this one throws in future Sparks tropes that were missing - love scene in the rain, multiple montages of people building or renovating something (usually a boat, tractor or a house; here a diner), a love triangle with a "nice guy", and a PG-13, shot from the shoulders-up sex scene - they're all here.

All we're missing is handwritten letters in a box and a North Carolina coastal setting and this would actually be the ultimate Sparks movie. It's entertaining and watchable, but it's also head-scratchingly wrongheaded in concept or execution.

Even though this came out 2 years BEFORE A Walk to Remember, it came out a year after the book - I don't know if someone at 20th Century Fox ordered some writers "hey - make a movie kinda like this book NOW!

Its not entertaining, touching, funny, interesting and at times feels a little sub-human.

The lives of three young people - a rich student, a girl from the "wrong side of the tracks" and her boyfriend - unexpectedly intersect during one fateful summer in the romantic drama "Here on Earth." Kelley Morse (Chris Klein), who is cocky and brash, normally would never have crossed paths with the residents of a small town near his posh private school.

But when he takes his shiny new Mercedes out for a drive, he locks horns with some of the locals, including Jasper (Josh Hartnett).

Dating on Earth involves all five members, but only Micky and Hero are main characters.

The drama has Micky married to a high school teacher, who Hero falls in love with. Although filming has been completed, the drama currently has no release date.

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