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Companies are now popping up left and right with new programs to make your life easier and more simple through texting.I have taken all my research on texting and complied it into a quick, easy-to-understand guide that will show you all the latest and most up-to-date texting tricks and secrets.* Have more women desiring to be with you because most men don't really know how to send flirty text message to women.What I am about to show you is going to surprise you. Canada"I couldn't believe how much The Ultimate Texting Guide effected my sex life...Except it or not texting is part of today's world and if anything it's becoming more predominant...Any phone that text messages should have Tyler Tray's hand book attached to it..." - Ian, 28 San Francisco CA Tyler Tray is the author of The Ultimate Texting Guide for Men.I guarantee you will pick up a few tips that will simplify your life.

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To your dating success, Tyler Tray Testimonials From Readers: "The text guide is the ultimate guide that deals speicifically with texting and texting is a big thing in the UK, even more so that the US. I have women right now dying to be with me because of this texting guide.

My Red Brothers, Due to sheer coincidence I saw this thread from my main account and when I logged back into my old Red Morpheus account I saw that I got around 50 pm's requesting if i could re-upload my first submission.

Feeling slightly guilty I thought I would make it up by adding some additional titles on top of my first submission.

He has actively been involved as a dating guru and coach for over 4 years and has helped hundreds of men become more successful with women.

His expertise lies in online dating, text messaging and real world attraction.

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