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When you sight any targets in the park, you will have an easy approach. They have trivia on Sundays and the Air Guitar Competition on Mondays.Make sure to pick up a free copy of Que Pasa Antigua which will have all the listings of music, art, etc.It’s easy to get to from a major airport (Guatemala City), beautiful, cheap, and the party destination if you are looking for lovely Guatemalan young professional girls.Antigua is Central America, but with sushi restaurants and brunch buffets. I wrote earlier about how Guatemala City is an unacceptable shithole, so I won’t rehash that point. You can take a shuttle from the airport directly to Antigua for around 10 bucks, just find one of the many services for this on the Internet and arrange it beforehand.

Just be careful, it’s usually too crowded up there and being Guatemala, there’s no guardrail and you can get so close to the lava it singes your eyebrows if you get to close and the wind changes.Pretty much every night of the week there is a ladies night going on with cheap or free drinks for ladies and some minor restrictions on guys.Usually this means something like a 10Q (1.25) cover or the requirement of actually buying a drink if you’re a guy.You would not believe the number of sleazy Guatemalan dudes that that keeps out.If I had my way, Ladies’ Nights in Antiguas would have a 10 dollar cover and then it would be just us and the ladies!

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