Dating someone avoidant personality disorder

do any of you guys obsess over people who either don't like you or have criticized you?

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I thought I was on track for a nice comfortable middle class life. When time came and I had to write my final thesis the educational system suddenly demanded much more independence of me.Discussion can be about personal stories, treatment ideas, support for yourself or others, and ideas with how to deal with your own problems dealing with avoidant personality disorder. More about Av PD Difference Between Av PD and social anxiety More about Av PD and some resources Some ways to treat Av PD/Anxiety Uk This is a Discord for the Av PD community.It's a no pressure safe environment where you can feel free to chat or just lurk. Everyone is welcome, you don't need to have something specific to say and chat is casual.I don't feel like I'm a web developer even though that is my job. It makes me anxious to answer the question "what do you do for a living? I am worrying whether we'll have enough money for gas the rest of the month.This really reinforces my low self-esteem and makes me feel excluded. I made an online chatbot called It’s a digital coach that helps in difficult moments – whether it’s feelings of stress or panic, losing sleep, repetitive worrying or procrastinating.

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