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For the victim of domestic violence, it is a frightening but all too common nightmare to have to let their child visit with their abuser.

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A 2018 poll commissioned by The Salt Lake Tribune and the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics showed a 75-23 margin of Utahns that reported they would support legislation banning the use of hand-held cellphones while driving.

Mental health procedures The bill’s text includes amendments that would allow mental health professionals to look into prospective patients’ backgrounds to familiarize themselves with the individuals’ mental health history.

If you have a court order for visitation between a parent and a child, NOTHING but another court order will relieve you from your obligation to provide the child for visitation.

ALLEGATIONS of domestic violence do not change your court orders.

Only another court order will change your obligation to provide the child for visitation.

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If Domestic Violence charges also involve a divorce make sure you talk to one of our divorce lawyers in order to find out how it could affect your divorce and child custody matter.

The advice of a police officer does not change your court orders.

Filing a police report and/or pressing charges does not change your court orders.

“Domestic violence” means any criminal offense involving violence or physical harm or threat of violence or physical harm, or any attempt, conspiracy, or solicitation to commit a criminal offense involving violence or physical harm, when committed by one cohabitant against another. Section 921 et seq.; or (p) child abuse as described in Section 76-5-109.1.

“Domestic violence” also means commission or attempt to commit, any of the following offenses by one cohabitant against another: (a) aggravated assault, as described in Section 76-5-103; (b) assault, as described in Section 76-5-102; (c) criminal homicide, as described in Section 76-5-201; (d) harassment, as described in Section 76-5-106; (e) electronic communication harassment, as described in Section 76-9-201; (f) kidnapping, child kidnapping, or aggravated kidnapping, as described in Sections 76-5-301, 76-5-301.1, and76-5-302; (g) mayhem, as described in Section 76-5-105; (h) sexual offenses, as described in Title 76, Chapter 5, Part 4, Sexual Offenses, and Section 76-5b-201, Sexual Exploitation of a Minor; (i) stalking, as described in Section 76-5-106.5; (j) unlawful detention or unlawful detention of a minor, as described in Section 76-5-304; (k) violation of a protective order or ex parte protective order, as described in Section 76-5-108; (l) any offense against property described in Title 76, Chapter 6, Part 1, Property Destruction, Part 2, Burglary and Criminal Trespass, or Part 3, Robbery; (m) possession of a deadly weapon with intent to assault, as described in Section 76-10-507; (n) discharge of a firearm from a vehicle, near a highway, or in the direction of any person, building, or vehicle, as described in Section 76-10-508; (o) disorderly conduct, as defined in Section 76-9-102, if a conviction of disorderly conduct is the result of a plea agreement in which the defendant was originally charged with any of the domestic violence offenses otherwise described in this Subsection (4). Section 921, and is exempt from the provisions of the federal Firearms Act, 18 U.

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