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Happy Couple is a quiz game for couples to learn more about one another.

The quiz is just 10 questions each day (5 about you, 5 about your partner) – so it’s not too time consuming but you still learn 10 new things about your partner!

Now I got a girlfriend, but can't stop cold approaching.

I find myself automatically starting conversations with random girls nearby. My habit and identity keeps making me do that bc I invested so much time into learning this.

A man who has his finances in order and keeps good relationships with family and/or friends.

Being confident in yourself and everything you do is a huge turn on for women.

Couple keeps track of you and your partner’s timeline so you can go back and look at your communication when you’re feeling apart This app has messenger, wishbox, timeline, and calendar features.

Don’t give me that BS about trying to hide your gut or skinny frame with loose fitting clothing because trying to hide it makes it look worse.

It opens your body up and makes you look confident, inviting, and your shoulders and chest look wider which women love because it signifies strength.

Poor posture projects a message of lack of self esteem, which isn’t attractive to most women.

With this app you can video chat, phone chat, text, send voice clips, send photos, “thumbkiss”, and draw together (or draw separately and send each other the drawings).

It also has a calendar to keep up with important dates.

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