Dear abby dating married man

We have discussed the topic of marriage, having a child of our own and even adoption. He ended up saying that before going into the military years ago, he “had” to marry his ex. Has this man been supporting his ex all this time, or is she self-supporting? How much money does he think he will owe her if they divorce?

Problem is, although they have lived apart for three years, she isn’t his ex. He said they have no interest in being together and have both moved on. I’m not familiar with the divorce laws in Nevada, but an attorney who is licensed to practice there will be.

Because of her illness and lack of support from her immediate family, we agreed that he needs to fulfill his obligation to her, and I will wait for him.

We have continued talking and spending any time we can together.

When I asked when he plans to divorce her, he said he hasn’t had the financial capability to do so. It would be very much worth your while to make an appointment with one to discuss what your boyfriend has told you.

You should do it before becoming any more involved with him.

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If ever I thought a couple should get marriage counseling, it is you two. I’m looking for a partner, someone who eventually may become my queen. Somebody’s Boyfriend in Michigan Dear Boyfriend: Something is clearly wrong here. Don’t worry about bringing your pocketbook — I got this.There's also an "Unfollow" link in every email notification we send you. A few months ago I met a man who contacted me on social media.After meeting him, I realized he was married, but he was not happy.

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