Empowered dating information on dating abuse

Do you struggle to feel confident and tend to second-guess yourself, over-analyze and obsess over what he may be thinking and feeling? I could be their hero, I could solve their problems, I could be their missing piece.

NO WONDER you might be feeling scared, cynical or ready to give up. You’re tired of being unsure of how to deal with red flags. You’re tired of fearing rejection and obsessing over what to do when you’re scared of losing someone. You’re tired of feeling self-conscious and always wondering what he’s really thinking and whether he really feels the same way. For four years I was so focused on that relationship that I didn’t know what to do with myself when I wasn’t in a relationship.

I found that it was really a combination of everything that made [the program] so valuable – the one on one sessions, the visualizations and other exercises, and the varied resources Melissa provided and tailored to my needs.” I only want you to take the course if you feel that it’s right for you.

I coach successful people who have pretty great lives, but need some help in the dating department.

I’m tired of watching people struggle in their romantic lives because they don’t have the information or skills they need to date strategically and create happy, lasting relationships.

I found it empowering, and it gives me hope that I can take the steps I need to have the life, the special relationship, that I truly want.

The course gave me different ways and tools to look at myself and previous relationships that helped me understand better what I need and expect from a successful relationship and how to better achieve that.

As well, it enabled me to look inward and evaluate myself with more clarity.

And tired of ignoring red flags when you really want the relationship to work. You’re tired of your own baggage, the trust issues or insecurities that get in the way. I felt lost, empty and clamoring for the next relationship because I needed so badly to be in love and to feel wanted again.

You’re tired of feeling stuck when you’re trying to make relationship decisions. Getting conscious of my limiting beliefs, overcoming them, and learning how to date from my soul instead of from my fears freed me from repeating the painful pattern of falling for men who couldn’t meet my needs. And freed me to be receptive and available to the deeply fulfilling love that I really wanted and finally felt that I deserved.

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