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) is about 5"2 and she looks a few inches smaller then Evangeline and a LOT smaller than Matthew fox!said on 6/Oct/06Thank you sam, as I said before, a man 9inches will tower over an average height, thin woman. Did you also notice that she is in teeny sandals and he is in work boots?said on 21/Sep/17Didn't say she looks old for her age KH, but I still think of her in the Lost days and her shorter hair now does make her look a lot different and older, which you'd expect of course but look at Liz Hurley, not that different really now from Austin Powers days, still similar hair and look. My boyfriend assures me that elfkind consists of tall people, and 5ft5 doesn't really qualify as tall!said on 19/Sep/17Not sure what some people are talking about with the looks old for her age comments . Thats pretty much the beginning of middle age I think she probably looks younger then about 90% of 38 year olds. Still, few people are going to know these books as well as my Jim!🎂💐🕯️ Today Evangeline turns the Big 4️⃣0️⃣, a lovely, sophisticated age for an equally sophisticated and beautiful lady! My both sight were being hurt by the voltage release by Lilly. By the way Paul Rudd 5'10 claim was a joke when he clearly look 5'8 1/2 top.said on 29/Mar/18Rob, is it possible to upgrade or downgrade for some of the actors from the "Lost" series?Well - tiny for a guy - I'd put him at a generous 5"6 - and she is about 3 inches smaller - although he tends to hunch over and she has great upright posture so they always seem about the same height! On Jimmy Kimmel (I have it taped) she looked tall enough to have a presence that a petite person wouldn't have. She cannot be 5'5" even with heels on.' Are you for real? I think she's gorgeous and seems to be like a genuinely nice person from the interviews I've seen.You can tell they're not though - cos at events she wears heels and is THEN the same height as him! I always assumed Evangeline was taller cos she looked near his height - how wrong I was. It' s a tiny moment in time that gets frozen for ever. said on 30/Apr/07many times i thought she is 5'6 barefooted in LOST but then even next to similar or slightly taller (1.73-1.75m) actors she definetely looks 1.65m maybe 1.66m. said on 1/Mar/07'Moni says on 2/Oct/06 Saw her on Jimmy Kimmel on Oct. Please stop being so bitter, this girl is no way less then 5'5. But, just always thought it was funny when I STILL see the commercials.

said on 31/Jul/12Lost actresses exact height Evangeline Lilly(Kate):5ft 5in Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet): 5ft 8.25in) Yunjin Kim(Sun) : 5ft 5.5in Maggie Grace (Shannon) :5ft 9in Cynthia Watros (Libby) : 5ft 7in Emilie de Ravin (Claire):5ft 2in Michelle Rodriguez (Ana Lucia) : 5ft 4.25in Rebecca Mader (Charlotte) : 5ft 7in said on 7/Jun/12I'd say she was about 5'4" as her frame seems to match that of a petite woman. Her limbs aren't very long, and from what I've seen of people who are 5'5" and above (my mother is 5'5.75" and my 5'8"; 5'9" aunts, as well as myself (currently 5'5", but still growing! She is still gorgeous, and I think height never really applies to many situations unless someone is extremely short or extremely tall.I like how that she was waiting at home for Jeremy Renner at home in The Hurt Locker but it was still not enough to keep him from going back to the warfront, it shows how far gone he is. I mean I'm no rocket scientist, nor one to brag, but She should be about 0.2 inches taller or shorter than me.I mean obviously she would be taller given the fact that she's a supermodel and works out more. Instead of doing pushups I sit down on the couch watching TV playing video games and eating junk food.Here are my suggestions: Evangeline Lilly 5'5.25" Terry O'Quinn peak 6'0.75", but today 5'11.75" Matthew Fox 6'1.75" Harold Perrineau 5'10.25" M. Gainey peak 6'2.5", but today 6'1.5" Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje 6'1.25" Henry Ian Cusick 5'10.75" Alan Dale peak 6'1.5" but today 6'0" Dominic Monaghan 5'6.75" Yun Jin Kim 5'5.75" Michelle Rodriguez 5'4.25" Michael Emerson peak 5'8.75" but today 5'8.25" Jorge Garcia 5'11.75" William Mapother 6'0.5" Neveen Andrews 5'7.75" Tania Raymonde 5'5.25" Ken Leung 5'5.75" Kiele Sanchez 5'2.25" Emilie De Ravin 5'1" Kevin Durand 6'5.75" Josh Holloway 6'1.25" Could you agree with at least a few of my suggestions, Rob? I think there are some you could make a good enough case for, but I'm not sure I would change many really...I did think Evangeline could fall a fraction over, that is a real possibility and of course Dominic I changed to 6.5, but wouldn't rule out the 6.75.

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