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The Sweet Springs land remained in the Lewis family hands for many years to come.

Note-Weld, Isaac, "Travels in Virginia in Revolutionary Times". The Turners agreed to keep the courthouse and jail in good repair and not to permit timber to be cut nor to allow any tenants on the land.

(Note-She has a note questioning the identity of Dr.

He was considered handsome, muscular, and very pious. Waddell, "Annals of Augusta County 1726-1871", page 126.

The aspect of the place is lovely, the harsh and rough features which belong to more recent clearings have been mellowed and molded into symmetry by the gentle touch of time, that great innovator; and in Virginia mountains, almost the sole improver because nobody else has capital enough, and time is a capital fellow for time is money.

"You drive into a spacious green undulating area, shaded here and there with trees, and surrounded by motley groups of frame buildings of all shapes and ages, and you see in front of you, rising behind a row of modern cabins, a remarkably beautiful rounded hill, whose tree-clad top seems to lead by a gentle acclivity to the mountain range which bounds the view.

The springs rise under the piazza of a low and long house, at the foot of the hillock on which the tavern stands, and in a hollow formed by this with the small hill on which the cabins are principally built.

The reservoir is a circle of about five feet diameter, surrounded by a railing two or three feet high.

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