Feel confident dating

Also create a list of all your accomplishments, such as graduating high school or college.

These accomplishments are things you did of your own free will.

You do have the strength it takes to not only survive, but to succeed. While you want to focus on your positive qualities and accomplishments, don't obsess over comparing yourself to others, especially individuals who you fear might interrupt your relationship or steal your love interest.

Comparisons can damage your self-esteem, and you will find that there is always someone smarter, stronger or more skilled than yourself.

I've worked with various grade levels at different educational facilities.

My expertise includes: lesson planning, curriculum development, child development, educational practices and parent involvement.

It doesn’t just magically manifest itself in your psyche. Ultimately, it isn’t just a tool that can help make the dating scene more fun.

Accept yourself despite your flaws, suggests psychologist John Grohol in his Psych Central article, "Six Tips to Improve Your Self-Esteem." Perfection is an illusion created by society.Focus only on competing against yourself and reach for your personal best, suggests Grohol.Know you would survive just fine, even if you weren't in a relationship with your current partner.A healthy relationship is maintained by two individuals who are healthy and confident.Every relationship has it's fair share of challenges, but if you both are strong and stable enough to work through it, your relationship can flourish.

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