Form html updating xml preventing dating stalkers

For example, a human can probably deduce that the Okay, we’ve spent some time talking about XML and its potential, and examining some of the neater aspects of it.Now, it’s time to do what I like best, and get our hands dirty as we actually work on some documents.

It walks you through the process of building a fully-functional XML-based content management system with PHP.HTML’s sole purpose is to allow anyone to quickly create Web documents that can be shared with other people.XML, on the other hand, isn’t just suited to the Web – it can be used in a variety of different contexts, some of which may not have anything to do with humans interacting with content (for example, Web Services use XML to send requests and responses back and forth).HTML rarely (if ever) provides information about how the document is structured or what it means.In layman’s terms, HTML is a presentation language, whereas XML is a data-description language.

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