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RITA HAYWORTH Langella met the redheaded beauty during the making of the 1972 film “The Wrath of God” in Mexico. Working on the set with her was a “nightmare” because she was incapable of remembering her lines, prompting cast and crew to belittle the star behind her back.No one knew her memory problems were the beginning signs of the Alzheimer’s disease that would later kill her.

Valentine’s Day approaches, but is it even sweeter for Barbara Walters?, Barbara's "recent dates" with Frank Langella, a man Whoopi dated -- and lived with -- for a few years in the 1990s, is causing tension between "The View" co-hosts.Frank and Barbara have attended two recent public events: The New York Public Library Annual Library Lions Gala on Nov.‘He could just be entertaining her with his impression of the disgraced President. And then, of course, Langella once dated Whoopi Goldberg, now the moderator of “The View” and technically Barbara’s employee.

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