French culture and dating charles kelley and hillary scott dating

Typical outfits include nice dresses, suits, long coats, scarves and berets.The term is associated with French fashion and loosely means fancier garments that are handmade or made to order.While cooking styles have changed to emphasize lighter fare, many still associate French cooking with heavy sauces and complicated preparation.Some classic French dishes include boeuf bourguignon — a stew made of beef braised in red wine, beef broth and seasoned with garlic, onions and mushrooms — and coq au vin, a dish made with chicken, Burgundy wine, lardons (small strips or cubes of pork fat), button mushrooms, onions and optional garlic.

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The French embody romance and passion, and there is an open attitude toward sex outside of marriage, according to a study by France's National Research Agency on AIDS.

The French celebrate the traditional Christian holidays of Christmas and Easter.

They mark May Day, also known as Labor Day, on May 1.

French is the official language and the first language of 88 percent of the population, according to the BBC.

It is the dominant language of the country's 70 million residents, but there are a number of variants based on region.

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