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Here, 13 women get real about crossing that boundary and explain how dating their best friend turned out. Turned out that a lot film whereof what we (two very romantically inexperienced people) took for relationship compatibility was just friendship compatibility.We ended up together for a few years, but most of the time it just felt like best friends sleeping together.He was my childhood best friend and we were always very close.We understood each other, and because we were friends before, we knew who we truly were, rather than getting to know each other while we were dating.

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We are getting married on our seven year anniversary this September." [via]12."Not good.

It was awesome." [via]4."We broke up cause he was too emotionally dependent.

Lost a friend and our group split." [via]5."The worst part about dating your best friend is losing that amazing friendship if you break up.

Once we broke up, we were acquaintances at best." [via]2."We broke up and all our mutual friends stayed friends with him and dropped me.

It was great." [via] 3."We grew up together and were best friends for three years before we dated for another three.

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