Fun cheap dating ideas

Six bucks will get you into the stadium in Eugene, Oregon and seven will snag you a seat to see the Chiefs play in Peoria, Illinois.

Opt for lawn seating, which many stadiums offer for about , and you'll have enough leftover to splurge on peanuts and Cracker Jack for two.

Find a speaker you'd like to see or a topic you and your husband are both interested in.

University events are typically open to the public.

Enjoy the benefits of camping without the bugs, dirt, and backache in the morning.

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A great way to spend time as a couple is by helping others.Just point your phone to any bright light, and within seconds you'll learn cool facts about that heavenly body..Most drive-ins feature new releases for less than what you'd pay at a regular theater. Some drive-ins offer an early and a late showing, with tickets costing about .Show off your moves at one of the salsa dance clubs in the area for the same price!Classes in the Washington, DC, area usually cost , but the first class may be free.

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