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Boaters are free to sail around the islands, of course, and depending on the season, those who stop to fish may be rewarded with fluke, flounder, porgies, bluefish, blackfish, striped bass or weakfish. For people intent on setting foot on one of the islands, the best bet is Plum Island, which is Government property.

For many years, it was the most tightly guarded of the islands, because of the classified work done there.

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A mystique as thick as an East End ocean fog envelops the islands, and it is well earned.

Nelson De Mille's current best-selling novel '' Plum Island,'' published by Warner, is about a detective investigating the murder of a couple who may have been engaged in germ warfare research. ' '' Steven Gaines devotes a big chunk of his new book, '' Philistines at the Hedgerow, Passion and Property in the Hamptons,'' due next month from Little, Brown & Company, to colorful tales of the Gardiner family, which has occupied its island for 359 years.

In one passage, the detective describes his arrival on Plum:'' Here I was on a restricted island with this blond SS lookalike, an armed helicopter circling around, armed guards all over the place, and I'm feeling like I somehow stepped into a James Bond movie, except that this place is real. His book calls the island ''a sanctuary not just for wildlife but from the 20th century as well.'' Raising the issue of public access during a debate five years ago over what to do about Robins Island, Gov. Cuomo said the problem was ''how you preserve it but allow people to enjoy it without trampling on it.'' For Ms.

Gardiner is the guide, he relishes telling the island's stories.

In 1639, the original Lion Gardiner, over six feet tall and red bearded, bought the island from the Montaukett Indians, bartering a large black dog, blankets, a gun, powder and shot for it.

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