Goodreads recommendations not updating

I might've felt left out, but at least I wasn't alone. After writing to the company to lament that so many people seemed to have consumed the entire bestseller list in the time it took me to read one book, CEO/cofounder Otis Chandler offered sympathy, confessing that he only gets through about 20 books per year.

Every few days or weeks, just when I started feeling positive about my biblio advancements, one of these messages would come across the transom: "Updates from..." Upon opening it, I'd find out that someone who I knew had a full-time job and active social life had finished two novels in the time it'd taken me to get through the jacket blurbs on David Sedaris' latest essay collection. Not only did I feel uninformed and slow, I felt somehow left out.I like talking about books, and thanks to Goodreads I had a constant reminder of all the great books I hadn't read and all the conversations I couldn't yet join. (A point of clarity: I was also that sucker who tried to participate in Infinite Summer, the challenge to complete David Foster Wallace's behemoth .That summer ended in nothing but infinite regret.)This hasn't really stopped in the seven years since."But with a busy job and three small children, I only have so much time." I felt better—then I remembered I read fewer books than Chandler in a given year and have no offspring to tend to.Chandler's point wasn't to bookshame, though. "When a person joins," he continued, "they start to read more books." The site, then, serves as both a motivator and a recommendation engine for its 75 million users.

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