Greek men dating d link validating

It was perfect, not too much, not too little, and considering the language differences, probably the best way the conversation could have started.He told me he’d be in my neighborhood to meet with me around 8pm – way earlier than what he had mentioned in the restaurant (if you watched the video you know what I’m talking about).While he probably would’ve loved going on the date with me, he got more excited about his evening, which included Netflix, comfy hostel bed, and chocolate milk for one.Usually, I’m the excited one to stay in and chill alone, but tonight the tables had turned.

I was getting back to the person I loved being, and thanks to Greece, the process was seamless.

Thick and adorable accent, the shy and giddy energy on both sides, it was too perfect.

We exchanged instagrams, and I pulled the classic ‘leave the number on the receipt’ in hopes he’d reach out to make plans on my last night in Athens.

After all, I was freshly single, I needed to remind myself how much of a bad b! Going on this date was basically just me doing my homework to get my old fun self back.

Not that you need to date people to “find yourself,” but I’ve always thought that I learn more about myself by interacting with other people than anything else. I chose a bar in an alley, not because I’m a dumb a$$, but because most cool bars in Athens are in alleys.

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