Guardian soulmates dating site

There's a large number of Nigerian scammers on the site.

The review will not impact on GNM's relationship with Glue Isobar, which works as the lead agency on the publisher's digital creative business.Apparently, said user – who is employed in the IT arena – contacted The Guardian newspaper regarding the incident last November, and received a reply confirming the data leak late last month.A spokeswoman for the Soulmates site told the Beeb that only email addresses and user IDs had actually been exposed, but that this information allowed malicious parties to dig up further details on members by finding and combing through their online profiles (which are public).Rather than whiling away hours swiping, come along to our masterclass in flirting with social and cultural anthropologist @flirtology, in partnership with @guardian_SM… Our Instagram poll last week (@guardian_soulmates) showed that 64% of our followers find the prospect of flirting just a bit terrifying.. If so, we have an event coming up with Jean Smith of @flirtology that may be of interest:…Sapiosexual: someone who is extremely attracted to people of high intelligence, regardless of looks, as recently brought to the spotlight by French equality minister, Marlène Schiappa. "And unless you know that your date shares your interest in wine, refrain from droning on about the list.

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