Hannah tointon dating inbetweener dating n the dark

Neil is always 20 seconds behind everything and everyone, but occasionally he does say something almost profound.

Much to Neil's horror, his unconventional dad - a single, middle-aged man struggling to raise a family after his wife walked out on them - is the butt of everyones jokes.

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The 33-year-old actor is said to have recently got down on one knee and presented his 29-year-old girlfriend with a ring.The two do kiss and touch each other (Simon touches her breasts, she touches his penis), but she has to stop to be sick everywhere again and rush off to the toilets.She doesn't make it and is sick again, but Will rushes over in panic at the drugs., an insider has revealed that their families are planning the nuptials which should be very soon.Joining the show in its third series, Hannah played Simon's girlfriend who he was desperate to lose his virginity to.

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