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This also allows Logitech to survey their market in order to determine products for investigation and research.

The lowest-budget version of the Harmony remote, which can control up to 8 devices in particular categories, and supports only one activity: Watch TV.

Unlike most current and former products in the Harmony line, this model lacks a display screen.

This device is not a remote, but rather a hub that can control IR and Bluetooth devices, as well as certain smart home devices (e.g. It is controlled by certain Harmony remotes as well i OS/Android based apps, and more recently Alexa can control certain functions.

The new remote differs from the original Harmony 1000 in a number of ways. Second, Logitech promises it won't randomly freeze up like the 1000 did (though I'm not sure that's something that was ever actually admitted to...) A customizable, 3.5-inch full-color touch screen adorns the front and hard buttons are limited to Volume, Channel, Mute, Replay and Navigation controls (less than the 1000).

This remote is more configurable than the 1000 in that Logitech is claiming users can do more to customize the LCD screen and arrangement of buttons and controls.

All Harmony remotes are set up online using an external configuration software.

For all models this can be done using a computer running Microsoft Windows or Mac OS to which they need to be connected via USB cable; the Elite and Ultimate models can also be configured wirelessly using a smartphone app for Android or i OS.

This method allows updates to the product database, remote codes, and macro sequences to be easily distributed.The Harmony 1100 is expected to be available in the U. and Europe beginning in February for a suggested retail price of 9.99. This release applies to the following Logitech products: Harmony 1000 Harmony 1000i This release applies to the following Operating Systems: Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista Mac OS 10.3 and 10.4 Cause: Following a recent release of the Harmony Remote Control Software, a growing number of customers have reported that their Harmony 1000 appears to lock up or freeze, rendering the remote unusable until being reset (removing & replacing battery).A Harmony RF Extender (sold separately) lets you control devices that are behind the closed doors of your entertainment cabinet or even in another room (from up to 100 feet).Logitech uses an Internet-based setup that is improved over prior software and makes getting the Harmony 1100 setup and customized as easy as possible.

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