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Rue helps her new friend bandage her arm, then they lay in bed together.

That’s where it becomes apparent that Jules is transgender.

Pius reaches the throne thanks to puppet masters in the Vatican who hope that he will be a malleable figurehead and a young face for a modern world.

Instead, he shocks the world as a zealous conservative, delivering furious invective against modernity and pushing the church back to an earlier, more arcane way of being.

Rue routinely pops her mother’s Xanax and overindulges in drugs and alcohol; after she overdoses at home — Gia finds her unconscious, lying in her own vomit — Rue winds up in rehab the summer before her junior year of high school.

Gives a whole new, rather icky connotation to “Mc Steamy,” eh?Below are our picks for the best HBO shows, so you can spend more time binge-watching and less time binge-searching.follows a web of characters whose paths occasionally cross as they labor in a system that dehumanizes them.(An earlier shot of her injecting something into her tush makes a lot more sense now.) “I’ve got an idea,” Rue whispers. ” Somewhere else in town, Nate arrives at his home in the early hours of the morning.As he ascends the stairs to his bedroom, we see that the same portrait that was on “Dominant Daddy’s phone is hanging on the wall: Looks like DD is Nate’s actual dad.

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