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This isn’t necessarily a bad stage and it’s okay to spend some time here. Getting through this stage really just involves removing all of their belongings and photos, and putting them either in the trash, or a safe place, if you want to keep some memories. So you’ve just gotten rid of all their stuff and are “ready” to go out and find yourself someone new!

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The crying, the moping around, and the distance from friends is definitely a part of this painful stage.The best way to get through this is to find something to occupy your time—specifically something that can alleviate some of your anger.Hit the gym, pick up a new hobby, or go see a comedy with friends.Holding it back will only delay moving on and make it a lot harder—and more drawn out—than it needs to be. #2 The “screw you, I never needed you anyways” stage—AKA: anger.After you’re sick of crying over that piece of you-know-what, you’ll get mad.

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