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Jessica Northey grew up with country music and now uses social media to introduce country stars and their songs to audiences around the world.

For Jessica, holding influence means telling the truth, making it matter and never being boring.

Our team has a proven track record of success, running analyst relations programmes on a global scale as well as in local markets, and across different sectors including .

Results From analyst perception audits and on-site support during industry events, to strategic counsel and tailored ongoing AR programmes, the analyst relations team at CCgroup has the insight, drive and expertise to develop analyst relations programmes clearly aligned to your business goals.

Ann Handley's background is in business journalism and editing but as the Chief Content Officer at Marketing Profs, she is one of the Internet's leading experts on content marketing.

She knows how to create and manage digital content that builds relationships for organizations and for individuals.

It might still be a man's world in so many ways but with women already running Germany, Britain and perhaps soon the United States for the first time, the world is increasingly looking fairer... In no particular order, here are eighteen accomplished female influencers who are leading the way across a wide range of markets.

Returning to work from maternity leave, her move into entrepreneurism was driven by a desire to find baby product bargains.Capability As industry analysts’ influence is rising, technology players need to develop strategic AR programmes to remain competitive and maintain their edge.At CCgroup we understand the need for expert AR support and we have a dedicated industry analyst relations team with a deep knowledge of the global analyst community.She's the CEO of online marketing and digital PR company The Marketing Zen Group, and has written and spoken about "the zen of social media marketing." For other millennials looking to build a digital marketing platform, she's the model to emulate.Sue Zimmerman says that she helps business owners to find success on Instagram but she actually does a lot more than that.

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