Interracial dating movie dj qualls he dating

I believe we are undoubtedly the most progressive generation so far.

This past weekend I went to see a film that reminded me of that.

But if we were to go back and view now, well see how it helped shaped people and their thought process towards interracial dating.

In fact, it wasn't until the year 2000 when the state of Alabama finally changed its decision and lifted the ban on the right to an interracial marriage in the state.Just 55 years ago, Arizona repealed its ban on interracial marriages.Many of our parents lived to witness this repeal, yet we tend to forget this unfortunate part of history.John Singleton introduced us into a world in which people outside of LA didn't know or refused to admit was happening.Gang wars, sons trying their best to escape the innercity trappings and friends just doing whatever they could do to survive.

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