Intimidating team names list

His voys was murier than the murie orgon On messe-dayes, that in the chirche gon.

Wel sikerer was his crowyng in his logge, Than is a clokke, or an abbey orlogge.

The team had no name and the uniforms were red, so in an enlightened moment he called it "the big, red team." It's an inspiring story.

The story follows the adventures of this bird as he is captured by, and eventually outsmarts and escapes from, a fox.

The Coastal Carolina website describes our heroic rooster in modern English, but you probably prefer to read the description in the original Middle English: A yeerd she hadde, enclosed al aboute With stikkes, and a drye dych withoute, In which she hadde a Cok, hight Chauntecleer, In al the land of crowyng nas his peer.

What is known is that in 1946 the school's moniker suddenly changed from the "Bulldogs" to the "Sun Devils." But who really cares who made the change? After all, a bulldog is a broad-shouldered, intimidating animal while a sun devil is a..... The teams are the Fighting Camels and Lady Camels, and the mascot is Gaylord the Camel.

The school is located in Buies Creek, North Carolina, an area that must be overrun with wild camels.

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