Is rafael nadal dating anyone

These days, the two are good friends off the court.They play charity games for each others' foundations, and Federer showed up to help Nadal open his tennis academy.To reinforce his hunky image, in 2010 he starred in the music video for Shakira's "Gypsy." In a curious spin on typical gender cliches, many of these ventures quite happily objectify Nadal, as opposed to ads featuring female tennis players such as Maria Sharapova or Serena Williams, which tend to make a point of showcasing their athleticism.Sydney Morning Herald reports Nadal is quite comfortable in his role as the Official Hot Tennis Guy, and that he says seeing whistling women snapping photos of him changing his shirt courtside is "a very good feeling." However, according to Elle, his reaction when someone openly compliments his looks speaks a very different language.He's a familiar face on the tennis court and billboards, but once you strip away the superstitious rituals before each and every serve, what's left?Here are things you might not have know about tennis great Rafael Nadal.

According to Kotaku, his Play Station rivalry with fellow gamer and tennis star Andy Murray has reached such heights that Nadal has even boasted about his FIFA victories in a post-match press conference.Despite his athletic prowess and famous abs, Rafael Nadal has been known to chill out in decidedly slouchier ways than his star athlete status would imply.As the New Zealand Herald tells us, Nadal is a massive video game fan whose gaming habits border on obsessive.Whenever he's in New York, he makes a beeline for Broadway, where he checks out the latest musicals … Apart from According to, Webber is well aware of his famous superfan and has even (sort of) offered Nadal the opportunity to star in his beloved musical: "He would make a wonderful Phantom. " Webber was almost certainly joking with that comment, but hey, weirder things have happened. It's impossible to talk about Rafael Nadal without mentioning Roger Federer.ATP Tour calls the long-standing competition between them possibly the greatest rivalry in tennis history, and while Nadal boasts 23 victories against Federer's 15, the feud is still ongoing and the Swiss athlete has dominated in recent years.

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